This is our story

I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies. 
 Le Corbusier

MAASTE is a company with headquarter in Lisbon created by a new generation of architects and designers that believe there is more to provide in architecture than what is seen and made all over the world.  
Its purpose is to develop architecture service in is whole universe, providing an outstanding service to customers using the highest and most exquisite resources possible.
The main principle is to perform a service for life, to lead customer from an idea of project until he’s the user of the object, and follow both trough time and changes, always providing a service.
It is not a simple architecture company; it is a concept company, approaching the entire project package, from brand to furniture, from pure dream to helping in maintenance through time.
Each project is taken as one, as an identity closed in his environment, merging into its place and integrating a living organism.
The client is the major intervenient in the equation: its starting point, the center of a system that has to work for him, mutated by the power and ability to change by human life, but still remains with him, trough time.
In every form of use there is a particularity: to perform that space and conditions for that life of use.
Form follows function in good design, using more with less.