Umosi Deluxe Caotinha Beach Resort

5* Hotel, Benguela.

The magnetic blue of the ocean approaches the barren hillside, between waves that roll on rocks and the dryness of a low pile yellow, entering the eye and touching the soul.
Since early prehistoric millenniums, rocks contemplate landscape here, in a waverly harmony among beaches and contrasting hills.
Today, same beaches and hills share their exclusive privilege with Mankind, allowing us to enjoy their beauty and magnitude…
An environment merging in a synergy water, earth and human touch, MAASTE proposes a conservative yet radical solution: mixing directions in each passage among existing traces and new reaches towards close beaches; discovering interiors and confusing exteriors for new architectural approaches and innovative interior design ; venturing through waving for soft unevenness and sunny terraces or balconies, protectors of buildings and exterior happenings; identifying the local culture in an epic object, intended the contemporary fossilized permanence in the merged hillside and shore.
The freshness of dazzling water invites to stay, to discover a window with wood perfume…
The scarp carves the skin, remaining since always in same place: the outer layer of a far away urban reality, easily achieved by short boat stroll.



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