Terras de Pena Hotel

4*hotel, Ribeira de Pena, Portugal

At a second moment of the proposal, we revisited the site, in research for new references. We readjusted the eye for a better solar explosion and moved the two composition volumes to new relations, concentration internal areas and creating new views. Redesigning exterior and interior passages led to minimizing wastefulness space, captivating green to inside in patios and moments of contemplation.

In Ribeira de Pena, the sight finds itself in its surroundings, in places as Bustelos and the following Highs in the bordering granite hillsides, or in the vast bright green of the trees able to travel until lands of Spain with easiness.

The intention was to create a building reference in its skin, capable to identify the Hotel as a rocking layer for a massive structure in movement, whose texture would mirror its insertion environment. Thus, a mold of part in cork oak was created which, with the rhythm of the openings of the façade, would be assumed as mesh of protection and rind of what the interior would defend.

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