Our Philosophy

Watchmakers are craftsman that develop systems to mark time in a way that can be counted.
Like watchmakers or tailors, architects are craftsman too. Architects are trained in planning, design and construction of buildings, to create environments and ways for life to take place in a timeline, being a part of the society they live and involving people with it.
Like a piece or a machine, a building can be seen as a temporal or an in temporal subject, if it can live trough time. If it can properly live trough time.
We believe that an object should be taken care. Like a living organism, a building has to be treated every day, every month, and their owner should know how to take care of him, when and where.

MAASTE provides its” BOOK of M” to every object it creates.
Custom made to every project, a manual for maintenance, for saving the object at its best for a long time and advices of how to use the object.

MAASTE’S brand (symbol/plaque in every project)
Brand, identification of object, website and phone number for assistance (like cars or machines, it will have an assistance service).

MAASTE’s meaning
Is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as “gap”, “space”, “pause” or as “the space between two structural parts”. There is no equivalent single word term for MA in the language. In Wikipedia, The ancient Japanese space-time idea of ‘MA’ has many aspects, not only in cultural and philosophical context, but also in everyday life. The term refers to a meaningful gap or void and is used in disciplines as diverse as architecture, the martial arts, performing arts, and psychoanalysis.