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Lisbon Stopover Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012

Lisbon Stopover Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012


Founded in 1973 as Whitbread Round The World Race, Volvo Ocean Race is today the largest regatta in the world and the most challenging sporting event on a global scale, which combines the sporting competition with adventure on board, emerging as a mixture of glamour of onshore regattas with the drama and the resistance of offshore crossings.

With origin in voyages between ports, Volvo Ocean Race is today a unique combination of regattas onshore and offshore worldwide, combining the magnificent show sport in stopping venues with resistance and drama of ocean crossings. Sailing more than 37,000 nautical miles divided in nine stages, over nine months (2011-2012), the race crosses the most difficult and demanding seas, visiting 10 ports throughout the world, integrating 10 coastal regattas and also 10 Pro-Am regattas.

The Volvo Ocean Race is simultaneously a media event and geographically global, so therefore brings a legacy of close relationship within the journey, the sea and the populations. It is undoubtedly the greatest exponent of human endeavor, on the motto: ‘Life at the extreme’.

With the boats arrival on May 31st and the departure on the June 10th, 2012, Lisbon will be on the world stage as the main and only European capital city of the Volvo Ocean Race, with the ambition of becoming the best ever Stopover in the history of the competition, benefiting at the same time, but from a totally informal and non-competitive way, from the fact of seeing the world crossover culminating in Lisbon.


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